fotografias ovni de la nasa y video

1971, Apollo 15. This photograph is from NASA, and some say we are looking at a UFO on the Moon at the time of Apollo 15 mission. Reference: NASA AS15-85/08.

Apollo 14, NASA 1971 moon mission

NASA Mission Apollo 16
Photo NASA No AS16-114-18422 - Mission Apollo 16 on the Moon.

Space Shuttle Atlantis, Mission STS-37
Photo Of A Sphere
During the mission of the Space Shuttle Atlantis "STS-37", a metallic object arrives from the top

NASA Mission Apollo 15
Notice the unidentified flying objects in the top of the picture.
Photo NASA No AS15-85-11514 - Mission Apollo 15 on the Moon.
Astronaut David Scott on slope of Hadley Delta.

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